"Matt Lieber is one more hour of sleep."
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What Else Is Matt Lieber?
About This Site:

Firstly if you are here it is probably because you know a little about Matt Lieber. Probably very little. The truth is I don't know much about him either. But I do know this much... Matt Lieber is a piper at the gates of dawn.

All jokes aside. If you have no idea why you are here it is because there is this amazing company, Gimlet Media (@gimletmedia), who run a series of Podcasts. One of these Podcasts is Reply All. A podcast about the internet, hosted by Alex Goldmund (@AGoldmund) and PJ Vogt (@pjvogt). Each week they report, with the help of many of their producers (see here), on aspects of the internet past and present in a very entertaining and insightful manner. I personally am a computer guy by trade but this podcast is for anyone who uses the internet for more than cat pictures.

After weeks of listening and hanging out for new episodes my friends and I started reffering to Matt Lieber as things ourselves. We realised that maybe we too have this odd love affair with Matt Lieber just like we feel PJ and Alex do. Even if we have never met him.

So thats why you are here. This site exists for one purpose only. To tell you what you should already know about Matt Lieber. You should already know these thing about Matt cause you should already by listening to ReplyAll.

So checkout the ReplyAll podcast (try a random episode here), and the other Gimlet shows, listen to some Breakmaster Cylinder and show some support for all of the Guys at Gimlet.

Oh and most importantly. Matthew Lieber (@mlieber) had nothing to do with making this website. But I do hope that he gets a laugh out of the site.


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